Ford Bronco Models

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Ford Bronco was a full-size SUV. Its third generation began in 1980. Many that are still around today are from between 1984 and the end of the fifth generation in 1996.

Initially, trim options included XLT to XLT Lariat, and models had a choice of six-cylinder or V8 engines; a four-speed automatic transmission was also available. Features during that time included an independent front suspension and a Free-Wheeling Package with an anti-sway bar, quad front shocks, and more. XLS and Eddie Bauer packages were also popular.

The fourth generation brought V8 engines, a five-speed manual gearbox, and a Borg Warner transfer case. Sloping, more dynamic lines defined the body, bumpers, and mirrors, and the headlights were built flush with the front end. Anti-lock brakes were an option, as were Nite and Silver Anniversary editions.

The fifth generation had an even more aerodynamic design, offering style updates inside and out. Features included premium audio, a rear cargo net, an optional XLT Sport package, and more.

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